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The pre 9/11 UFO at the World Trade Center - hoax debunked

First off I would like to clarify that I am not a big believer of UFO's, not to say that they DON'T exist, but I have not followed them in detail. Second, even if they do, I have strong concerns that linking any UFO's to 9/11 is a misdirection tactic (for the most part).
I will expand on this idea, by giving the following example...
You receive an email that says "The WTC complex was brought down by planted bombs, and UFO is spotted at the WTC before 9/11"
or, "No 757 hit the Pentagon, and face of Satan is seen in the smoke at the WTC"
Well, this makes you think that both stories are bogus, and you take it with a grain of salt.

The truth is No 757 hit the Pentagon, and bombs were planted in the WTC's, NO MATTER WHAT you believe about UFO's.

I simply think that these stories should not be linked together.

That being said....

I will expand on some images taken from frames of the WTC video from this site. (availible for download)

One contraversy of it being a hoax resides here...

Shown to be a hoax also here...

One opinion resides here...
What they tell you is that they do not see any pixillation changes. What they do not tell you is that, with something as simple as Adobe Photoshop, you can add a mask to it, then blend it in. This gets rid of the pixillation difference, though it reduces the resolution of the image, or video.

First in "debunking" a video, a couple of simple things should be looked at.
SHADOWS for one.
In this pic, the towers are lit by the sun on one side, while the left side of the towers are in shadows.
The other buildings here hold the clue.
The buildings on the right side of the image, are consistent with the towers, but the ones on the left are not.

Also note the object in the circle, this is a second UFO. I will get to that below....

2ndufo wtc

ufo wtc hoax video

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The shadows show that the sunlight is coming from behind, and left of the camera on this shot of the 2 buildings on the left of this photo.
While the towers, and the building to the right of them indicate sunlight coming from behind and right of the camera's angle

While she has her head turned, there is a UFO streaking across the top of the towers, this is not mentioned on the web page, if it is, I did not see it. This is before she points her finger, and notices the other UFO. It cannot be the same object, because the other object appears between the towers a split second later.

ufo haox tower ufo hoax wtc video wtc ufo wtc video

How anyone could miss this who is trying to determine the authenticity of this video is beyond me.
A split second later, an object is seen between the towers...

tower video ufo ufo wtc tower ufo's wtc

Am I the only one who notices this?
So that makes 2 UFO's during the day hanging out at the WTC, but nobody looked out the window and saw them?

Beolw are some closeups of the object.
Notice the "cloud" or white object in its place, when the object leaves.

ufo wtc video

ufo wtc hoax video

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ufo wtc video

Also notice the white line parallel to the WTC building.

At the end of the video are these shots.
The problem is that neither of the 2 UFO's seen left a vapor trail, here we have one.

What also does not make sense is that we see the UFO leave, then afterwards on the video, is a closeup of it here???
So this makes 3 UFO's, the aliens were having fun that day !

ufo wtc video hoax alien ufo wtc video hoax

Here is a shot of the object leaving, The problem here is that it does not get any smaller.
It is shown, shooting off at a high speed, but the size does not change until it dissappears.

ufo wtc 9/11 video chopper

Also, here is a 911 view from a chopper...

wtc 9/11 video chopper

This is from the footage of the first tower being hit. Notice the objects on the corner of the buildings, they are not visible on her video. This does not say much however, I have seen other pre-911 photos without them. If anyone wants to do some investigative analysis, I would be curious to know when these were installed and what they are.
I think they are mechanisms to help lower the window washers.
The one in the middle of left tower, however, is a satellite dish.

tower 9/11 wtc 9/11

Photos of what appear to be explosions going off during the WTC collapse

video stills and closeups...

What hit the North tower
x11drone at the north tower

hi-res photos of the building exploding, closeups of the spire,
and what appears to be a missile shooting out of the South tower.

Strange and odd pics from 911.
Some of the objects i call "silver balls" I have identified as helicopters. (some not?)

911 investigation video and photo analysis Pentagon and WTC

911 theories news video and photo analysis

Up to date news on Sept 11th investigation.

Physics911 Blogspot (my weblog)
New Orleans PNAC progreeive action network committee

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